Three Traditional Hair Removal Techniques

Hair removal has been something that man has obsessed about for thousands of years. As such, they have developed many traditional techniques that has survived the generations.

Here are the three most popular and most traditional techniques at present. These are threading, hair inhibitors and sugaring.

  • Threading:

ThreadingHair threading, which is also called Khite in Egyptian, is an ancient methods of removing hair. It is still practiced in many countries in Middle East, as well as India and Pakistan.

Hair threading is primarily used for removing facial hair and eyebrows. Raw of stray hairs are yanked out from the follicle with twists of 100% cotton thread.

It is an alternative for waxing and sugaring for removing facial hair and eyebrows. Hair threading give a longer effect as compare to shaving, where the hair may re-appear again within 2~6 weeks.

  • Hair Inhibitors:

This is a clear odorless topical solution made from a mixture of plant enzymes. These hair growth inhibitors disable the mechanism which causes hair growth.

By changing the structure of the hair follicle the hair gradually becomes finer and softer until it finally disappears. For best results, hair growth inhibitors are rubbed to the skin after using a hair removal method such as shaving, sugaring or waxing or tweezing.

The hair then takes longer to grow back and eventually stops. Best result was observed with sugaring and waxing. Hair inhibitors are completely natural and gentle on the skin.

Thus, they can be used on any part of the body including sensitive areas such as the bikini line or genital areas.

  • Sugaring:

Sugaring originated from Egypt. This method of hair removal is very popular in Arab countries.

A sticky paste made primary from sugar is warmed and then applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and a strip of cloth, cotton or paper is pressed firmly into the paste.

The strip is then quickly pulled away thus taking hairs with it. It is suitable for removing hair from various body and facial areas, like eyebrows, upper lip, arm, underarms, legs, stomach and the bikini line.

It is not suitable for removing hair from beard due to different hair root system.

Sugaring is an alternative for anyone whose skin reacts to wax with redness or bumps. Because the person applying the mixture rolls the mixture in the hands first, it can never scald the way hot wax can.

The ingredients of sugaring paste solution are all natural. However, some paste solution may consist of citric acid and gum Arabic to make hair removal easier.

When selecting which technique to go with, you should evaluate each of their pros and cons. Usually, threading is used ideally for eyebrows as it is precise but it quite tedious.

Hair inhibitors are used for those who want to avoid any kind of pain and discomfort over the long term. Unfortunately, hair inhibitors are quite expensive.

Finally, sugaring is a hair removal method that is only ideal for people who cannot deal with the extreme pain of traditional waxing. You should talk with your dermatologist to identify the best hair removal solution for your needs.

Three Common Questions Regarding Penis Extenders

penis extendersMany men are interested regarding penis extenders. However, they are often apprehensive about it because they are unsure if it is right for them or not.

As such many of them often ask the following questions before they actually make any decisions about it.

Question 1: “I’m young … do I need this?”

This is a very good question. In a man’s world, erection difficulty is becoming more and more common in the younger population. Stop by the urologist’s office and see who’s in the waiting room.

Sure, you have the normal older men and women — but young men are beginning to fill urologists’ offices because of erection dysfunction.

They report things like: “I can’t seem to stay hard for as long as I used to” or “When I’m having sex, I climax before I’m ready. I can’t stop it.”

Even if you are not young, do those words sound familiar? With a standard male enhancement treatment therapy, the reproductive muscles associated with control of urinary and ejaculate flow will be strengthened.

Your ability to “stay hard and strong” will improve dramatically when using our penis enlargement exercises. If you are younger, one can assume the penis and the male reproductive muscles are in better shape and more fit.

However … that assumption is becoming untrue. As stress of daily life bombards the young male, the “fit” status of your penile functioning decreases.

Question 2: “I’ve been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease. Can I still go through a standard male enhancement treatment program?”

For those of you who don’t know what this condition is, it was originally described in the 18th century. Peyronie’s is usually caused by the formation of a hard plaque of tissue on one side of the penis.

When the copora cavernosa becomes engorged with blood, it causes the penis to bend when erect due to the pull of the scar tissue. According to estimates, Peyronie’s disease affects less than 1% of men world-wide.

Even if you have the disorder, you can expect results. By following the male enhancement treatment program provided by your urologist strictly, you will notice a gradual decrease in the curve of your penis.

In addition, you will gain length, girth (thickness) and an increased ability to control your ejaculation. It is practically guaranteed!

Question 3: “I have difficulty with climaxing too fast. I honestly don’t think it’s premature ejaculation but once we begin to have sex, I just can’t seem to last very long. Can penis extenders help me?”

This man falls into the 90% classification of men around the world. They can become erect but have difficulty maintaining the erection for any extended length of time.

The penis extenders will help you not only increase your length, your thickness, and your prostate health…it will also teach you how to develop the crucial male reproductive muscles.

You will be able to withhold your climax for an extended time and your partner will be amazed by your stamina!

If you are interested about penis extenders, you should ask your doctor these questions first. Chances are, they will give you the same answers as the ones written here. Visit this website to read reviews on the best penis extenders.

Pros and Cons of Home Wart Removal

Each year, you get reports of many Americans wanting to improve themselves in every way possible, whether it’s through weight loss, skin care improvement or simply eliminating certain conditions which can lead to their lowered confidence levels.

One of these conditions is warts. Warts are simply growths which can show up in just about any area of your skin.

They may often come in small sizes, although they are pretty nasty to look at, almost as if you’ve had some tiny mushroom-like pieces of extra skin.

A lot of people find this to be an unnerving sight, which is why if you’re afflicted with the condition, you’d do everything possible just so you can get rid of it. In a nutshell, wart removal becomes a top priority for you.

For most people, getting warts removed is something that needs to be done at a medical facility. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t do it themselves in the comforts of their home.

Think about it — if you had to avoid going beyond your budget and still manage to get rid of those warts in the safest ways possible, wouldn’t you do it at all?

Medical procedures can be quite hefty on your wallet, after all, and you would want to save up as much as possible for more important situations.

Home remedies for removing warts are pretty popular nowadays, and lots of folks have had success in getting rid of this condition.

However, before you opt to get rid of those ugly warts from your skin from good within the comforts of the four corners of your home, you will need to consider a few things before anything else.

Below are some points for you to remember.

  1. purchased at over the counter pharmaciesOne of the biggest benefits to treating warts at home is that you have a plethora of options to choose from. You can get rid of those nasty little growths on your skin using medication which can be purchased at over the counter pharmacies, or you can also choose to utilize home remedies. There are various sources for you to look into, including websites and e-books which guide you accordingly on how you can eliminate warts from your skin safely and effectively. Of course, one of the things you need to look into is that not every remedy out there is suitable for all skin types. Having said this, you will surely find even at least a single method working quite well for you.
  2. Another benefit to be had, as stated earlier, is saving up on money. So many people look into finding different options in their search for wart treatments, only to discover that they may already have all the necessary ingredients to concoct mixtures and pastes effective enough to get rid of warts. Sure, you can always visit the doctor to get rid of the condition, although it’s not really a necessity, especially if everything you’ll ever need can already be found in the kitchen cupboard. Aside from this, medications are also quite inexpensive compared to the prescription drugs doctors would suggest to you.
  3. However, you also need to remember that doing things at home is far from anything that any medical professional can offer. Some treatments may end up being too harsh on your skin, and you just might make matters worse. This is why it is important to research on those ingredients and determine if they can work well for your condition.

Wart removal is indeed possible. Yet, you will still need to consider the points stated above if you want things to turn out as you hoped for.

Male Enhancement Supplements: Points To Ponder

Male enhancement supplements in the form of pills are very popular among men who wish to have a bigger penis. The advertisements in male oriented magazines are very many and they also enjoy a large following online.

Here are some essential facts that you ought to know about it.

penis pumpPenis enlargement pills are challenging the penis pump as the method of choice for men seeking natural penis enlargement.

Companies marketing penis enlargement pills, utilize everyone from adult movie stars to Nascar drivers to sell you their product, promising cures and fixes for low libido and diminished size.

Though natural male enhancement is the goal with our penis enlargement exercise program, because we base our program upon exercise physiology, human tissue recovery tendencies, cellular/tissue dynamics and scientific fact, clarification of this subject is needed.

Do penis enlargement pills work?

Certain male enhancement supplements do work and are highly recommended by many doctors for use alone or in conjunction with an effective penis enlargement program. The penis enlargement pills that work, produce results by increasing and improving blood flow into the genital region and their effectiveness should be based upon the factorizations of “quantity” and “quality”.

Penis enhancement, via supplementation, if effective, works in only three ways:

  • Actually increase penile blood flow (quantity)

Actually increase the diameter of the blood vessels in the reproductive zone allowing more blood to flow through and into the region (quality)

  • A combination of the above (quantity plus quality)

Quantity and quality of blood flow is accomplished with the use of specific formulations of certain herbs, vitamins and minerals which have been shown in clinical settings to promote either blood flow or vascular dilatation resulting in increased blood flow.

In order to achieve an improved quality of blood flow as well as increased quantity of blood flow, the formulations of the supplements must contain certain important and exact amounts of three very specific compounds.

Does penis enlargement patch work?

The latest addition of male enhancement sexual improvement products, the penis enlargement patch, has come into vogue within the last two years.

The patch can’t increase the size of your penis because of many reasons. The biggest reason penis enlargement patches don’t work however is their design prevents them from being effective even if they could be.

Patches work on a trans-dermal delivery system similar to nicotine and nitroglycerin adhesives.

The reason penis enlargement patches are completely ineffective rest in the fact the trans-dermal drug delivery device can only at most provide effective absorption of two compounds.

The male enhancement patches you hear and read about contain anywhere from 6 to 15 ingredients. The penis enlargement patch is completely ineffective.

Penis enlargement pill use with a special penis enlargement exercise program
Although not a requirement for success, men who have chosen to utilize male enhancement supplements in addition to an effective penis enlargement exercise program have resulted in substantial gains over those who chose not to incorporate nutritional/supplemental guidelines.

Because of these effects, many doctors and subject matter experts alike advice men to not just solely depend on male enhancement supplements to get a bigger penis size.

If they actually incorporate a working exercise program along with their supplements, they will see far better results than before.

How Semen Enhancement Pills Benefit You

Men are pretty aggressive when it comes to sexual needs, and you would certainly relate to this. You always want to make sure that, regardless of age, you are at your sexual peak.

It becomes quite clear, however, that the older you become, the lower your sperm count gets too.

This is something that you never ever want to deal with, especially since in the minds of women, guys who are able to ejaculate loads of semen are considered virile and sexually satisfying as partners.

For you to suffer from low sperm count, you would feel quite insecure about your abilities to provide the kind of pleasure that your partner desires from you during those moments of intimacy in the bedroom.

Safe to say, you are not exactly at your sexual peak anymore, and this becomes a huge problem to overcome.

However, all hope is not lost. The truth is that, you can still raise your sperm count to a level which is practically the same as your younger days, wherein you used to ejaculate such massive loads.

Semen enhancement is very much possible, since there are a lot of pills which you can avail of on the market to increase your semen volume.

These pills are often composed of 100 percent natural ingredients, either herbal or botanical in nature, and would really give you quite a list of benefits. Semen enhancer pills are also known to be aphrodisiacs, making your sexual experiences all the more satisfying.

Below are some of the benefits you can expect from these pills.

  • More intensified orgasmMore intensified orgasms – During the act of sex, you are bound to experience a lot of pleasure and gratifying sensations, making both you and your partner want more. However, men who are dealing with sexual deficiencies cannot experience heightened enjoyment at all, especially during orgasms. With semen enhancers, that very moment you “blow your load”, you will experience such great pleasure, you’d wish to start over from scratch and enjoy every thrust you make into your partner’s vagina in order to achieve that same sensation which you both enjoy.
  • Improved fertility – Men aren’t always about the sexual experience, so to speak. There are, in fact, some guys who see the act of sex as a means of procreation. That is, they would like to become fathers to children someday, and engaging in sex is their way of showcasing their love for their partners and bearing fruits of their labor during the entire act of intimacy. When a man is infertile, he simply cannot make babies with his partner. When you use semen enhancer pills, you’re bound to increase your sperm count to the point that you can finally procreate with your wife or girlfriend, eventually becoming a father in the near future.
  • Improved endurance – As stated earlier, these pills are also aphrodisiacs, and will definitely improve your performance during sex. This means that you’ll be able to keep up a lot longer in terms of your erection, making it as hard and long-lasting as possible to make the act of sex something truly pleasurable.

These are the benefits you can expect from pills used for semen enhancement.

Shaving: A Reliable Hair Removal Technique

Shaving is by far the most common method of hair removal for both men and women. It cuts hair off at the skin’s surface.

However, shaving is not long-lasting since the hair tips may re-grow within a day or even a few hours. In addition, there is a risk of ingrown hair if the re-grown hair tip penetrates the skin surrounding the follicle after shaving.

There are 2 types of shaver which you may use for shaving. One is the razor type shaver like Schick and Wilkinson-Sword which is using a blade. Another one is the electric shaver which you need to change the heads after some time.

Tip in choosing razors:

  • Choose the razor that has lubricating strips near the caps above blades.
  • Those with aloe and made from water soluble polymer will give you a smooth glide over the skin.
  • Twin blades give you a very close shave.
  • Those with flexible heads will give you better shaving results since it follow the contours of the body.
  • To avoid the risk of cuts, nicks and skin irritation, the razor with safety guard wires over the blades is recommended.
  • Sometimes a razor bump may happen when you’re using the razor for shaving, which cause irritation, inflammation and pain after shaving. This phenomenon is due to the hair curls round and enter the skin at another place, and as the hair continue to grow, thick scar tissue can develop around the area.
  • The most comfortable way to shave is follow the same direction of the hair growth. Even though shaving against the hair grow direction give you a better close shave, it may cause ingrown hair and irritation and make the skin sore and sensitive.
  • In order to give better shaving result, it is advisable to change the blade after use it for 3~4 times. A clean razor with a sharp blade is essential for a safe and comfortable shave. Skin should never be shaved dry; wet hair is soft, pliable, and easier to cut. Contrary to what many believe, shaving does not change the texture, color, or rate of hair growth. However, this greatly depends on individual and the thickness of the hair you have.
  • Reduce the frequency of shaving, it is recommended to apply aftershave after each shaving session. They will even greatly reduce the number of times a man has to shave facial hair.

Tips in choosing an electric shaver:

  • electric shaverSelection of either single, double or triple head shaver will depend on the density of individual hair growth. The more blades passing over the skin per stroke means a faster and smoother shave and less irritation or razor burn for sensitive skin.
  • Consider using an electric razor instead of a blade for removing pubic hair, bikini line hair and genital hair, we recommend using an Intimate Shaver for this areas, click here to read more
  • Whether you use a normal razor or an electric razor, you will still get a smooth shave.

However, you have to understand that this is only temporary and that the hair will grow back in time. If you are particularly hairy, you may need to look for other techniques aside from shaving.

Facts About Penis Extenders

In recent years, surgery to increase the length or girth has become increasingly common, especially in the private sector.

From the urological perspective, non-surgical methods such as creams, applying weights, vacuum devices, and other penis extenders have not shown any efficacy to date.

Only surgical procedures have shown some kind of favorable result over a very long trial period.

Penis Enlargement

There are three main methods for penis enlargement.

  • pubic liposuctionThe first is pubic liposuction, which involves the reduction of pubic fat and is mainly in obese people when the prominent belly hides the penis. Pubic Liposuction practically can increase penis length of 2 cm, measured from the pubic bone to the end of the glans penis.
  • Another technique is the release of the suspensory ligament, a procedure in which the penile suspensory ligament is separated from the symphysis pubis and both corpora cavernosa leading to a front out effect that often requires pulling the penis, using different methodologies, such as vacuum devices, weights or traction devices. Some reports indicate that the release of the suspensory ligament can decrease the elevation angle of the erect penis. It can also lead to a paradoxical shortening of the penis, as a result of spontaneous reinsertion of the ligament to the pubic bone.
  • Another common method of penis enlargement is the skin flap infrapubic penis. The rationale of this technique is to project the outside of the penis by a flap of skin, or through a VY plasty at the base of the penis. Of the various procedures for the advancement of the skin, it seems that the best results are obtained with the double Z-plasty technique.

Increased girth

The issue of increasing thickness of the penis is even more controversial than penis enlargement.

The girth can be increased subcutaneous placement of different tissues (e.g. fat grafts or dermis, and recently synthetic fabrics), or by increasing the corpus cavernosum with saphenous vein grafts (it is not highly recommended).

Autologous fat injection has been tried, but the results are not satisfactory. Resorption and formation of fat globules sporadic tumors can lead to areas of inflammation and distorting the shape of the penis. Less than 30% of the injected fat persisted after 1 year.

Finally, remember that the elongation or thickening of the penis, is in itself a purely aesthetic procedure, it must not disrupt the normal sexual functioning. What we do is an improvement ¨ retained foreign bodies inside theoretically intact.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, despite what the scientists and doctors are talking about at present, one should definitely not close the door on penis extenders. Sure, for the most part, the results are not showing any hope.

But this does not mean that it won’t show favorable results in the future. It is definitely way better to continue to have hoped that one day penis extenders will work.

As such, you should continue to spend your money on all the penis extenders that are being sold on the market especially if you have a very small penis. No matter what happens, it is your responsibility to improve yourself.

Wart Removal – Knowing the 4 Different Types of Warts

Wart removal is something of a necessity to people who suffer from the condition, especially since they go through a lot of inconveniences that could affect how people look at them.

If you’re a sufferer of this condition, surely you would identify with the embarrassment associated with the affliction.

You would feel rather ashamed of facing friends and relatives, especially when you’ve got warts on areas which are practically visible to the public view.

What’s worse is that there are some people out there who are pretty much ignorant of this condition, as they think that it’s something that’s merely aesthetic. What they don’t realize is that it’s actually viral, and can be contracted rather easily to others.

Truth be told, warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, also known as HPV. This virus invades the cap of your skin, which t hen leads to the development of those ugly warts.

Based on scientific studies, there are four major types of warts — foot, common, flat and, the worst of all, genital warts.

Below are a few more facts about these types in order for your to get a lot more in-depth information on how to remove them.

  1. Planters WartsFoot warts – known as plantar warts, these grow on your soles, caused by high pressure placed upon them. They are flat, although they can easily grow in tiles and clusters. They can cause a lot of discomfort to you, should you be afflicted with it. You can easily contract this in the same way as foot fungus, specifically through moist and wet surfaces, like the floors of spas, locker rooms and public showers.
  2. Common warts – These usually pop up in broken skin surfaces. Since these cracks are pretty tiny, you would think that nothing can ever invade them and penetrate into the layers of your skin. However, you need to remember that HPV is a virus, and will definitely make your skin susceptible to viral affliction. These warts often look like small black seeds, and can take on a rather raised texture which is rough to the touch.
  3. Flat warts – It is mostly children who suffer from this condition. They would like pinheads, in a very accurate sense, and can pop up on their hands, arms, knees or even on their faces. Children suffering from this type of warts can go through a great deal of discomfort, often scratching them because of itchiness. In such cases, wart removal is something that should come as a priority in order to prevent having their psychological development hampered.
  4. Genital warts – The last thing you need to contract while having sex is a virus, but if your partner or you has genital warts, then it’s certainly a strong possibility. These are pretty painful, itchy and can cause immense discomfort. These are pretty dangerous as well, since they can turn into malignant or cancerous growths if left untreated. These stem from sexual activity, and you would find them developing on your groin, anus, penis or vagina.

These are the 4 types of warts. Now that you know all about them, you can now look into availing of wart removal methods, whether it’s through medication, home remedies or medical procedures.

Seven Ideal Factors To Consider When Choosing A Male Enhancement Surgeon

male enhancement surgeonsFinding the right male enhancement surgeon can be quite a daunting task for a complete beginner. This is because you often don’t know where to start your search.

However, if you use these seven factors, you can definitely identify the perfect surgeon that will give you the penis size that you have been dreaming about for a very long time.

  • Factor Number One: The surgeon should be a Board Certified Urologist, and urology is the only specialty with expertise and experience involving the male genitalia. The surgeon should have many years of experience in plastic surgery of the male genitalia. Unfortunately, many of the doctors performing penile enlargement surgery today are not urologists – they are cosmetic surgeons, general surgeons, etc. – and as such they have no experience whatsoever in dealing with the unique problems affecting the male genitalia.
  • Factor Number Two: The surgeon should use a Board Certified Anesthesiologist (M.D.) for all surgical procedures. This is the only way to go about it and you should make sure that the surgeon you will be considering can actually produce supporting certification papers regarding this matter.
  • Factor Number Three: The surgeon should require a pre-operative appointment prior to the day of surgery in order to complete a physical examination and to answer any questions which the patient may have. Never go with an excited surgeon who recommends immediate surgery. This is a big sign that the surgeon only wants a quick buck and does not really care about what his patients think or feel.
  • Factor Number Four: The surgeon should basic blood work to ensure that all health parameters are within normal limits (Complete Blood Count, Bleeding Time, etc). Rushing and skipping essential tests such as blood work is another clear sign that the surgeon cares more about profits rather than health and welfare.
  • Factor Number Five: The surgeon should insist that his patients receive follow-up care for three to five days after their surgery. The surgeon should believe that post-operative care is critical for successful results.
  • Factor Number Six: The surgeon should offer a referral list of former patients who have volunteered to answer any questions you may have. These former patients are not paid in any way, and have agreed to tell their stories solely because of their desire to help other men and their gratitude to how good or how well the surgeon performed during the actual surgery.
  • Factor Number Seven: The surgeon should only perform surgery on men he believes have the best chance for excellent results, not on everyone. The health and welfare of his patients is his primary concern. Always understand that health should be prioritized over a bigger penis. Doctors should know when to say no.

Male enhancement surgery is a very delicate and also a very expensive procedure. It is really not a good idea to trust it in just any surgeon. You need to take the search and evaluation very seriously.

Making an informed choice ensures that you actually pick the right surgeon that will meet your expectations.

Different Options at Your Disposal for Semen Enhancement

As a man, you feel inclined to maintain your sexual peak, ensuring that you’re always ready to let off some proverbial steam with your partner in the bedroom with much satisfaction and enjoyment.

However, you’re not exactly at the youngest state either, and you feel as if you’re not producing enough sperm like you used to every time you ejaculate upon reaching climax during sex.

This is something that comes normally with the aging process, and both men & women are bound to suffer a deficiency in their reproductive systems.

Yet, men can really be vain when it comes to this matter, and they would want to make sure that, no matter what age they are, they can still provide the same kind of sexual gratification they used to back in their prime.

Aside from this, there are also a lot of men in the world, maybe including you even, who wish to keep their fertility intact in order to raise families of their own someday.

Impotence, though, is a very common problem many guys all over the world face, and this leads them to suffer from low sperm count.

Considering that it is their sperm which gets fertilized with the woman’s egg in her womb in order to form a fetus which will soon be recognized as their child after pregnancy, a man’s sperm count becomes very important.

Therefore, if you’re worried about not having enough ammo to pack for sex or for procreation, you might want to avail of some semen enhancement methods, a few of which are provided below.

  1. As of these modern times, there have been many advancements in technology and science which allows you to restore your sexual vigor and produce such impressive semen volume. You can take a look at the various supplements being sold on the market nowadays, a lot of them meant to boost your semen volume significantly. However, in order to make sure that no complications arise based on pure dependence over these supplements, you still need to keep a close eye on the foods that you eat. After all, there are a lot of foods which can actually help you boost your semen volume. These include beef, oysters, pumpkin seeds and the like.
  2. Semen Enhancement supplementsOnce that’s done, you can then look into the various supplements made available for your purchase. Many of them are meant to provide the human body with all the essential nutrients which can result in enhanced semen production. You can find essential amino acids such as l-carnitine and l-arginine in these supplements, and they will surely have a positive effect on the production of seminal fluid in your testicles.
  3. Some supplements, however, may be synthetic in nature, and you would probably prefer to use ingredients which are as natural as they come. Thankfully, some of these supplements contain herbal extracts which really do boost your semen count as well as improve your overall health. You can expect improved blood flow to the chambers of your penis, leading to better semen production and harder erections for such satisfying sexual experiences.

Semen enhancement supplements and foods are pretty much abundant these days, and you only have to do your research in finding the most suitable options for your needs.